The match of values is not enough for multicultural business integration in medical technologies and healthcare. The merge of values is needed to balance technical, clinical, commercial and cultural needs of the healthcare providers to offer personalized services to patients.


The value of ValueMerge is the merge of values


  • Confidence in multicultural business communication, catalyzing and coordination between the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of The Netherlands and Turkey in medical technologies
  • Distinguished networking with reliable and professional network members
  • Cost effective and result oriented services
  • Modular and interactive teamwork
  • Multidimensional ( Technical, Clinical, Commercial) innovations for the dynamic healthcare demands in Turkey



Intercultural enterprising is more than a good translation.
It is importantly based on:

  • Multidimensional analysis of the need and the values with clinical, technical and commercial perspectives
  • Distinguished and dynamic networking
  • Result oriented follow-ups
  • Alternative business models



Is price still the biggest issue?
May be it is time now to experience the applications of value with:

  • Unique value innovation
  • Based on: Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Mindset adaptation regarding innovations
  • Professional Public Relations Services
    (Supported by the Solution Partner, Net PR from Turkey)



For the innovative small and medium-sized enterprises from The Netherlands and Turkey to merge their business cultures in three steps:

1. Analyzing:

  • Practical comparisons of the business cultures in The Netherlands and in Turkey

  • Norms-Situations-Perceptions-Reactions

2. Experiencing the business cultures of Turkey and The Netherlands interactively

3. Synthesizing:

  • The merge of the values in business cultures of the enterprises from The Netherlands and Turkey


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